Valuable Validation: Rangeland Analysis Platform Offers Ranchers Decision Support

With data validated through the Rangeland Analysis Platform, Kevin Koss was able to partner with NRCS to begin implementing a tree thinning project. Ranchers who carefully monitor and manage the range can often describe the changes they have seen over the course of several years. However, on a day-to-day basis, major changes to the landscape can be difficult to recognize and nearly impossible to quantify as some occur slowly and tend to go unobserved when viewing the range […]

Three Small Tanks with a Large Impact

If there is a water line to add, a tank to set, or a unique water set up to try, it’s likely Dusty Emond has done it on his ranch south of Malta, Montana.  Of the nearly 12 miles of pipeline on his place, six new miles were added just last fall following the harsh drought […]