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With pressures from outside interests and barriers in ranch transitioning, the Northern Great Plains has become one of the most at-risk habitats in the world. The Ranchers Stewardship Alliance aims to build rural resilience by using communitybased conservation techniques that ensure the ranching industry remains viable for generations to come. Through conservation efforts like rehabilitating cropland to grassland, building wildlife-friendly fences, and improving water infrastructure, Ranchers Stewardship Alliance (RSA) works to promote and assist in implementing sustainable management practices that benefit ranches, livestock, wildlife, and the environment. 

Sustainable land management

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Enhancing Wildlife Habitat

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Enhancing Wildlife Habitat

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  • Gold Star Recipient

    As part of our goal to improve over 90 miles of fencing for big game migration, we worked with Aaron Griffith and the Bowdoin Refuge to store and transfer fencing materials to landowners in projects to help ease the challenges of supply chain issues in the past year. Aaron provides a positive and supportive voice to the committee and its members and is always willing to help where he and his agency can. Aaron and his wife Cassie and son Levi have settled into the Phillips County community and we appreciate him and his commitment to involvement with collaborative conservation.

    Gold Star Recipient