Rural Resilience • Selling Beef When Deep Freezers are Aplenty…and Processors Not So Much


Apr 25, 2024    
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

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Growing our ranching and rural community’s financial, ecological, and social resilience with experienced, hand-selected speakers, the Ranchers Stewardship Alliance “Rural Resilience” webinar series is back for a fourth year!

In our fourth installment of the 2024 “regular season,” we are bringing in three powerful Montana women to showcase their experiences in direct marketing beef.

Separately, Jessi Olsen, Abby Majerus, and Mariah Shammel are ranchers from Central Montana who have 3 operations, 3 significant others, 12 children (including a few dogs), various side hustles and a whole lot of cows between them. Collectively, they are Montana RancHERS Beef Co. (MRBCo.), a direct-to-consumer beef business that focuses on providing grass-fed products to families everywhere. Jessi, Abby and Mariah created MRBCo. in 2021 when they realized they had a shared passion of healthy cows, amazing food and introducing consumers to the people who grow their food…and COVID forced the world to realize grocery stores weren’t always super reliable.

They may come from different backgrounds and have their own stories to tell, but in combining their individual areas of expertise, the three rancHERS are able to offer a product that is affordable, of great quality, great-tasting, and healthy. Jessi, Abby and Mariah work hard to make sure their animals and grasses are well cared for, and take great pride in knowing the same beef their families have been enjoying for generations is taking center stage on dining tables all across the country. MRBCo. Is honored to be a part of America’s food and fiber industry and loves to share that passion with anyone who wants to hear about it!

Each FREE webinar will last 90 minutes with plenty of time for interaction. Join us for one or all of the Rural Resiliences series.

Please note that if you’ve already attended one of our previous 2024 Rural Resilience webinars, there is no need to register again. You’re on the highly esteemed list and an email with the Zoom link will be emailed ahead of the webinar.

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