Mike Borgreen, Glasgow BLM, Receives RSA “Gold Star Award”

The Ranchers Stewardship Alliance (RSA) is proud to announce that Mike Borgreen, a dedicated biologist and current Acting Field Manager from the Glasgow Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has been awarded the 2023 RSA Gold Star Award for his exceptional contributions to conservation and land stewardship.

The RSA Gold Star Award is presented annually to individuals who demonstrate outstanding commitment to environmental sustainability and responsible land management practices in the ranching community. Borgreen has exemplified these values throughout his career, tirelessly working to protect and enhance natural resources through his support of the RSA Conservation Committee (Committee).

As a biologist for Glasgow BLM, Borgreen has played a pivotal role in implementing innovative conservation strategies and fostering sustainable land management practices. His expertise in the field has led to significant advancements in collaboration amongst conservation partners and advances in cooperation and funding available for conservation in the area. Borgreen, with assistance from other noteworthy BLM staff, has played the role of figuring out the logistical side of BLM processes to increase conservation capacity for the Committee. Through cooperative agreements set up between BLM, USFWS and RSA, the Committee has been able to impact nearly 75 miles of fencing. These improved fences reduce maintenance costs for ranchers while also improving wildlife habitat connectivity and ease of passage for moving big game animals. Borgreen and his team have been critical in the RSA Conservation Committee partnership in their help in securing additional project and personnel funds that have allowed us to better serve our ranching community.

Borgreen’s ability to foster collaboration between ranchers, government agencies, and local communities has been instrumental in achieving successful conservation outcomes. His inclusive approach has helped build strong partnerships, ensuring the implementation of effective conservation measures that benefit both wildlife and the local economy.

Under Borgreen’s guidance, the Glasgow BLM has successfully implemented several initiatives aimed at promoting sustainable grazing practices, mitigating the impact of wildfires, and enhancing the overall health of rangelands. Most recently he was successful in his application towards securing the Hi-line Sagebrush Anchor as one of 21 Restoration Landscapes Projects nationwide for BLM. This project will bring added resources for public land ranchers in the RSA geography and will greatly benefit ranching, conservation, and our local communities. This project will be a focal point of the RSA Conservation Committee in the coming years.

The Ranchers Stewardship Alliance Gold Star Award recognizes Borgreen’s remarkable contributions to the conservation community, highlighting his leadership, expertise, and unwavering commitment to the principles of sustainable land management. Through his innovative approach and collaborative spirit, he has set a new standard for conservation efforts in our region.

The RSA Gold Star Award ceremony was presented at the annual RSA Partners BBQ recently held in Ft. Peck, Montana. Ranchers Stewardship Alliance congratulates Mike Borgreen on this well-deserved recognition. His dedication and passion serve as an inspiration to all those working towards a sustainable future for our natural resources.


Photographed is Martin Townsend, RSA Conservation Coordinator, presenting the award to Mike Borgreen at the 2023 RSA Partners Barbecue.


Anne Johnson, DVM 
The First State Bank of Malta