Foto Friday at Jacobs Ranch

Yes we are still calving.  Thought you would enjoy some “baby” pics.  Although we are a Black Angus beef cow operation we do have one Jersey dairy cow.  Sometimes you will have a calf or two that doesn’t have a mom, which can happen for a variety of reasons.  In our current case we had 2 sets of twins.  Typically a cow cannot care for twins.  While she

Elka the Wonder Cow

usually can birth them, lick them off, and let them suckle a time or two, eventually she will leave the birthing area and only manage to take one baby with her.  So it is typical to take one twin off the mom.  We eventually end up with a cow or two that has lost their calf, usually through no fault of their own.  That is when the grafting process begins and hopefully the cow will accept a different calf.  Since we are early in the calving season I’m sure will find a momma for each of these twins.  In the meantime, Elka the wonder cow is feeding three babies.  The one on the left is her baby, on the right the twins.

I think the black white face are the cutest!
When very young, they make themselves smaller to avoid detection
As they grow curiosity can get them into trouble.
Sticking close to mom.


Anne Johnson, DVM