Education / Outreach

Ours is a community of eager learners and caring educators, and that’s important since the world is such a rapidly changing and complex place. To adapt and thrive, we need to share accurate information and inspiration with others in a way that fosters creativity, wisdom and effectiveness. Our organizational mission propels us to invest deeply in an ongoing process of reciprocal learning and teaching.

We’ve set some ambitious targets for ourselves. Within the next five years we will:

  • Capitalize on the uniqueness of our area.We resolve to continue our way of life by being true to our education-outreach-3-p1010731values and beliefs. With any person who benefits economically, scientifically or spiritually from healthy grasslands, we will share our heritage of prairie restoration, hard work and accomplishment. We will honor, cultivate and perpetuate the valued attributes of our community: a high percentage of multi-generational family ranches with a long tradition of conservation; a vast, open landscape that comprises the most intact northern mixed-grass prairie ecosystem remaining in the world; and a rural lifestyle that offers opportunities for solitude, deep connections with our culture and our extended families, strong ties with our neighbors, and wise stewardship of the land and its native plants and
  • Promote understanding and respect for ranching. We will derive and disseminate the best available science on ranching and prairie ecosystems so that the American public will have an accurate understanding of the challenges and accomplishments of prairie ranchers as premier land stewards. We will derive information through credible research combined with practical experience, interactions with top researchers and conservation practitioners, and adaptive management of our own demonstration projects. We will disseminate information through workshops, lectures, publications, site tours, consultations, awards and any other appropriate informational venue.
  • Create educational opportunities and promote lifelong learning within our community. education-outreachtab-2The Ranchers Stewardship Alliance is creating a network of partners to develop and provide lifelong learning opportunities for folks of our community. Our goal in this is to support continuance of our traditional livelihoods while also increasing opportunities for innovation and diversification. In 2015 RSA in conjunction with The Nature Conservancy hosted a Low Stress Livestock Handling clinic featuring Whit Hibbard as the clinician.  RSA also held a livestock handing workshop and Beef Quality Assurance training for the community in 2014.   Estate planning seminars and record keeping skills for range management greatly benefited community members seeking information beneficial to their ranches.