Below are some of the accomplishments of the Ranchers Stewardship Alliance.

  1. 2002 started facilitated community meetings with Solution for Sustainability organization over concerns of endangered species. The work from those meetings became the preferred proposal for the Region 6 Prairie Dog Management Plan.

    Photo © Bebe Crouse

  2. Received the $35,000 Musser Fund grant which allowed a community group to visit other conservation organizations to help establish Ranchers Stewardship Alliance.
  3. Working with the Fish & Wildlife Service – Partners for Conservation program were able to secure seven projects in Phillips County.
  4. Hosted the National Riparian Service Team to educate local land stewards including ranchers, agency personnel and conservationists on riparian (of or relating to wetlands adjacent to rivers and streams) management.
  5. Secured a $5,000 grant to inventory and write sage grouse management plans for 6 ranches in Phillips County.
  6. Have worked with partners to create the first Weed Prevention Area (WPA) in the United States.
  7. Launched the highest concentration of “Undaunted Stewardship” certified ranches in the State of Montana.
  8. Hosted a presentation by Dr. Rick Knight professor at Colorado State University. He discussed ranchers as a keystone species in the west and how it works.
  9. Working with partners, RSA secured a $671,000+ grant from the USDA under the Community Conservation Project Initiative (CCPI) to enhance wildlife habitat for Phillips County.
  10. Created a Memorandum of Understanding with the American Prairie Reserve addressing their reintroduction of bison to South Phillips County.
  11. Recognized for their conservation efforts by the Soil and Water Conservation Society.

    Photo © Sheila Walsh

  12. Other awards include the 2011 Montana Environmental Stewardship Award from the Montana Stockgrowers Association (MSGA) and the Clarence Burch Award from the Quivira Coalition.
  13. In the past we have participated in the 2011 Governor’s Range Tour, annual weed pull in the community of Zortman, Phillips Co. weed tours, and hunting season vehicle wash stations.
  14. Hosted a tour in conjunction with NCBA and World Wildlife Fund on Innovating for More Sustainable Beef.
  15. Sponsors workshops to provide insight to the ranchers and the community into estate planning and preservation; grass and land monitoring; business loans for beginning farmers and ranchers; low stress livestock handling; and sustainability.