Nancy Labbe

Ranchers Stewardship Alliance has been an exemplary partner and leader in grassland stewardship, demonstrating that ranchers and conservation interests can build on common ground. RSA’s members not only raise cattle, they care for the prairie ecosystem, provide a haven for grassland birds, and organize their community around shared goals for the landscape. WWF’s Sustainable Ranching Initiative is proud to support RSA as we all work to build a resilient, sustainable future for working lands in the Northern Great Plains.

Nancy Labbe, Sr. Program Officer, Sustainable Ranching Initiative, World Wildlife Fund

Brian Martin

The Ranchers Stewardship Alliance is a key partner in building connections and understanding between ranching, conservation, and local communities.  Their efforts in educational opportunities and creating opportunities for communication are vital for building sustainable and lasting outcomes that benefit people and nature.

Brian Martin, Montana Grasslands Conservation Director, The Nature Conservancy