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  • Ranches Saving Imperiled Songbirds

    Laura Nowlin of the Winnett ACES organization wrote a great article on how working ranching ranches are saving imperiled songbirds.  Click on the link to read the full article. Spragues Pipit, Kelsey Molloy, TNC of Montana Photo
  • NFWF Big Game Grant Awarded

    Date: May 3, 2019 Contact: Secretary Bernhardt Announces $10.7 Million in Public-Private Support for Big Game Migration Corridors Partnership between DOI, NFWF, and ConocoPhillips benefits elk, mule deer and pronghorn in 6 Western states WASHINGTON – Today, U.S. Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt announced the award of $2.1 million in grants to…
  • Expand on Your Ranching for Profit Knowledge

    Dave Pratt will be coming to Malta June 6-7, 2019 for another Ranching for Profit workshop.  Click on the links below for Dave's biography and times and dates of workshop. Sign up today to reserve a spot. 2016.1.20 Abreviated Bio w DVD picture    
  • Cattle Helping with Carbon Sequestration

    How cattle can help with carbon sequestration!  Learn more here.
  • Welcome Casey Coulter

    We are pleased to welcome Casey Coulter to the Ranchers Stewardship Alliance Board.   Casey and his wife, Lacey, were featured in an NRCS conservation video on transitioning conservation practices on their ranch.    This is a great video on their ranching operation.
  • Rural American – We are Here! by Laura Nowlin

    The Prairie Populist has a great article written by Laura Nowlin.    Laura is a board member of the Winnett ACES (Agricultural Community Enhancement and Sustainability).    Thank you Laura for letting us share your story.    
  • Ranchers Stewardship Alliance: Keeping Ranching a Family Affair by the Prairie Populist

    Here is a great article written by the Prairie Populist's Andy Creel  highlighting that "group after group are working on community-level solutions".   It also  highlights all the work Ranchers Stewardship Alliance is accomplishing in their community.
  • Grassland Restoration Projects

    Ranchers Stewardship Alliance is excited to report the impact of our new habitat restoration projects in Phillips, Blaine and Valley Counties.   To date, we have approved 17 restoration projects affecting 18,143 acres with our partners through our conservation committee.  Of these, 7,512 acres are expiring Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) lands…
  • To move or not to move

    We are reposting a blog made by our upcoming ranching for profit workshop instructor, Dave Pratt.  The original can be seen at Be sure to join us at the Great Northern Lodge room on June 23rd for our seminar series with Dave.  See more here: Upcoming Events / Workshops How do…
  • Smart Debt

    Just a reminder that RSA is holding a series of workshops on June 23rd, featuring Dave Pratt.  Check out our events page for more information. Below is a reposting of a blog Dave published on Smart debt. A lot of people tell me that they want to be “debt free.”…
  • Announcing a ranching for profit workshop coming June 23rd

    We are reposting a blog made by our upcoming ranching for profit workshop instructor, Dave Pratt.  The original can be seen here: Dave will be teaching 3 sessions in Malta on June 23rd.  Check out our upcoming events page for more info. Pounds per Head or Pounds per Acre: Two…
  • Volunteers flock to the Barthelmess sheep shearing!

    Hello! My name is Casey Gallagher, and I am a 2nd term Big Sky Watershed Corps (BSWC) member serving for the Milk River Watershed Alliance in Malta! “BSWC is an AmeriCorps program that assists Montana’s watershed communities to make a measurable difference in local conservation efforts while strengthening the experience…
  • New Opportunity Offers Security for Ranchers and Prairie Birds

    The Nature Conservancy has partnered with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) on an innovative and voluntary program that contributes toward the conservation of greater sage-grouse and four declining grassland songbird species on ranching and agricultural lands.  The goal of the Candidate Conservation Agreement with Assurances (CCAA) is to…
  • Personal Waterhole

    Who said animals are not smart?   This bull was tired of waiting for me to cut the ice in the reservoir waterhole.   He created his own drinking spot in a large puddle from the thaw.  It is actually thicker than it looks.   I have seen these holes before and…
  • Growing Up Country

      Hello & Merry Christmas!  My name is Conni French – part of the French family Taylor has talked about – and oddly enough, I am writing this blog about Montana ranching from our daughter’s home in Guam.  As we enjoy sandy beaches, warm days, and snorkeling I find myself…