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Rural American – We are Here! by Laura Nowlin

The Prairie Populist has a great article written by Laura Nowlin.    Laura is a board member of the Winnett ACES (Agricultural Community Enhancement and Sustainability).    Thank you Laura for letting us share your story.    
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Grassland Restoration Projects

Ranchers Stewardship Alliance is excited to report the impact of our new habitat restoration projects in Phillips, Blaine and Valley Counties.   To date, we have approved 17 restoration projects affecting 18,143 acres with our partners through our conservation committee.  Of these, 7,512 acres are expiring Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) lands being converted into functional grazing…
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Personal Waterhole

Who said animals are not smart?   This bull was tired of waiting for me to cut the ice in the reservoir waterhole.   He created his own drinking spot in a large puddle from the thaw.  It is actually thicker than it looks.   I have seen these holes before and knew that cows would stand…
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Growing Up Country

  Hello & Merry Christmas!  My name is Conni French – part of the French family Taylor has talked about – and oddly enough, I am writing this blog about Montana ranching from our daughter’s home in Guam.  As we enjoy sandy beaches, warm days, and snorkeling I find myself thinking back to how a…
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Jim Gerrish Workshop

Ranchers Stewardship Alliance held a Sustainable Ranch Management workshop featuring Jim Gerrish of American Grazing Lands Services on September 19th.    It was well attended and packed full of information.  The morning was spent in the class room.                           The afternoon session was held…
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Walsh Ranch Cattle Moves, Water, & Remnants of the Past

2017 has brought new challenges with the drought.   Many ranchers have it much worse than we do.  We were fortunate enough last year to receive 30” of rain.  The normal is 10-12”.  With that said, our grass was in great condition going into the spring and the reservoirs and pits all had abundant water.   The…
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Grant Award from NFWF

Ranchers Stewardship Alliance receives Grant Award from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation LOCATION (June 26, 2017) – Ranchers Stewardship Alliance, Inc. (RSA) has been awarded a $300,000 conservation grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF), RSA’s president Leo Barthelmess announced. Additional matching funds of $110,000 bring the total funds to $410,000. The…
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Howdy from the Walsh Ranch

Howdy from the Walsh Ranch.    We are a cow/calf operation on the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation.  My husband is 1/8 Gros Ventre.   He has lived on the same ranch his entire life.  We raise hay to supplement our cows in the winter.   We try to utilize the grazing forage in pastures before feeding hay. Our…
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